SEO Case Study: 1

Industry: Fashion 

This client runs a fashion company and boasts an online store. The company retails clothes and accessories and aims to make women appear more beautiful and confident.  

Project Date: 14 July 2021

The Challenge

The fashion industry is highly competitive. That’s why businesses in this niche, whether new or existing, need an effective digital marketing strategy. With this, you have a chance of hitting your sales goal.   

This client had a fantastic collection of apparel and accessories. So they weren’t lacking in that aspect. Online visibility and traffic were the challenges.  

So, the client was clear on the objectives. They want The Michigan SEO to improve online visibility, traffic, and conversion rate.  

We had the privilege of communicating with the employees handling the company’s digital marketing strategies. And from the conversation, we knew they needed assistance, as they lacked the experience that can bring massive impact in today’s digital marketing campaigns.  

Search engine optimization is dynamic and will continue to change yearly. Unfortunately, employees handling our fashion client’s digital marketing weren’t up-to-date with their SEO strategy. But that didn’t bother us.  

At Michigan SEO, we have a reputation for working with teams suggested by our clients. We work according to our client’s terms. So we were able to carry the team along. 


After careful analysis, the problem our client’s online business was having was narrowed down to the following.    

  • The website wasn’t looking professional
  • The on-page SEO edit needed
  • In-depth keyword research needed
  • High-quality and original content

Our Approach

Our first focus area was the website’s design. The website must be professional-looking and simple to navigate. We had to hire a small web design agency for this aspect of the project as the client was on a budget but needed something professional.  

The hired web design agency again delivered. The new website exceeded our expectations and got the client’s approval too. 

The next area of focus was the on-page SEO edit. We ensured title tags, Meta descriptions, and images were optimized. We made sure the newly built website’s design and features were mobile-friendly. The idea was to make it easy for visitors to shop on the go.      

Using cutting-edge tools, the team conducted comprehensive keyword research and competitor analysis to make an informed decision.    

The next and vital step was content writing. We have expert writers with massive experience in the fashion niche. And we always use professional writers in every niche to ensure the content delivered helps project our clients as an authority in the industry.  

So, our writers created well-optimized content. We ensured the content and images were optimized for users and customers.  


Comparison of Result

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The Results

The impact of our SEO effort after six months was noteworthy. Our client reported a 57% increase in image ranking and a 62% increase in ranking for the first-page keyword. That’s not all. Over 15 targeted keywords ranked on the first page of Google search. The impression rate recorded a 72% increase.  

1.00% CTR
22% Less CPA
303% ROI

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