Privacy Policy

This privacy policy details how we plan to collect and use your personal information. It also contains information on the choices and options you have regarding our use of personal data request on this website (

We urge you to find time to visit this page regularly for changes in our privacy policy if you wish to keep using TheMichigan SEO. We have the right to change the information herein without prior notice.

Collection And Usage Of Personal Data

We may collect a series of information from you following your use of this website. Below is the information we may request and how we use those details.

  • We may request your personal information. These include a phone number, email address, name, and mailing address.
  • We may also collect information about your business. These include business type, name, size, business owner(s), and location.

Again, like many websites, we may collect information about the computer you’re using to access our website (TheMichiganSEO). These include computer type, IP address, and browser type, etc.

How Do We Use These Details?

  • Having required data from you will help us understand your business needs and make it possible for us to offer products and/or services tailored to meet those needs.
  • Respond to customer service inquires
  • Send you information of products or services requested.
  • Improve our website’s performance and marketing efforts.
  • Administer the account you have on our website.
  • Conduct detailed research and analysis
  • Provide accurate responses to questions and concerns you may have.

What You Should Know About Information Sharing

We want you to understand that we may share your information with third-party sources. However, we don’t and will never sell your information to third-party sources under any circumstances.

We would only share or disclose your information as described on this page.

  • We may share information with law enforcement under the law to comply with a subpoena or legal process.
  • Upon the government’s requests or during a fraud investigation. We may share information when we know that disclosure will ensure your safety, protect our rights and reputation, or protect others.
  • Suppose part or all of TheMichiganSEO’s assets are acquired or merged with another business. In that case, we may notify you via email or on our website of the process and possible use of your data. You may also have a choice regarding the use of your data.
  • We may share your information with other third parties with your consent.

Use of Cookies And Other Tracking Technologies. 

We use cookies, including other tracking technologies, on this website.

The reason we use cookies is to better serve you. We use it to track your preference, including profile information.

Cookies help to collect information on general usage and volume statistics. However, keep in mind that cookies do not collect your personal information.

Link To Other Websites

TheMichiganSEO may contain links to other third-party websites. However, remember that we do not control or have any power over those websites. Therefore, the privacy policy of TheMichiganSEO does not bind on other websites.

We urge you to visit and read the privacy policies of third-party websites before providing your data. Understand how the website plans to use your data and more. We would not be held liable for any loss, damages, or injury suffered because of information provided on third-party websites whose links may appear on our website.


We are honored that you trust us with your personal and business information. We follow the industrial standards to protect information received from users and we will continue to do so.

We secure data from the point of transmission to when we receive the data. However, we want you to understand that no data protection system or procedure is 100%. Therefore, we do not guarantee maximum protection of your information.

If you have any questions on how we secure data stored on this website, feel free to contact us using the available means.

Notification Of Privacy Policy Update And Changes 

We may make changes, alterations, or even remove part of this privacy policy whenever we deem fit. You may receive notification of such changes on this website or via the email address made available to us.

However, we also urge you to visit our privacy policy page regularly to check for changes that may be relevant to your use of this website.