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4. Links:

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5. Terms Of Modification Of This Website:

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We urge you to visit our terms and conditions page regularly to determine if we have made any changes and abide by them. You agree that you will abide by the current and modified versions of our terms and conditions by using this website.

We do not make refunds to clients when the work has started. We may only consider refunding you when the job has not started. Unfortunately, we cannot stop the work halfway and offer a refund.

We expect clients seeking refunds to hand in notice via mail or post for at least a month. We also reserve the right to delete or stop work on a project if a client refuses to pay for it.

We are rendering service, and we strive to satisfy all our clients. If you feel you don’t want to continue cooperating with us, you can request we stop the project. Keep in mind that we do not make refunds in such a scenario.

6. Disclaimer:

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