SEO Case Study: 4

Waste Management Company 

This client is into waste management. They offer waste recycling and management services. The company also has a reputation for developing new techniques for recycling waste.  

The client was relatively new in the waste management business and needed to boost visibility and traffic. The Michigan SEO team had the privilege of working for this client, and the experience and outcome of the project were great.  

Project Date: 17 July 2020

The Challenge

The client was clear about the objective of the project from the beginning.  

The first objective set by the client was to increase local presence. The client was seeking to boost local foot traffic. 

Another objective was to boost online traffic. The client wanted us to make it possible for customers searching for waste management companies online to locate them. They wanted to rank high for targeted keywords.   


Our Approach

The approach our team took revolved around building a comprehensive local SEO campaign. These include on-site local SEO optimization and optimizing the business’ visibility on Google My Business. We also acquired high-quality mentions and links to increase traffic and ranking.   

Our ability to execute this project was made possible by the availability of advanced SEO tools. We analyzed our client’s competitors and conducted comprehensive keyword research.  

Here’s a summary of the approach we took: 

  • Create a comprehensive local SEO campaign. 
  • Optimize business visibility on “Google My Business.” 
  • On-page optimization strategy.  
  • Consistent publishing of high-quality blog posts 

Comparison of Result

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The Result

The results showed the local SEO campaign we executed was successful. Firstly, online visibility increased for four targeted cities. There was also an 82% increase in online traffic and leads.  

So, we met the goals set by the client. Additionally, the investment yielded high ROI for the client too.  

1.00% CTR
22% Less CPA
303% ROI

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