SEO Case Study: 5

Industry: Taxi Company 

This client is running a promising taxi business and needed our help to boost online visibility and lead generation.  

When our SEO team interacted with the client, we were excited to work with them. It was a new taxi business with such huge prospects.

Project Date: 17 April 2021

The Challenge

If you’re running a taxi business, you’ll understand the importance of being found easily in your local searches. If potential customers can find you, chances are patronage could skyrocket.  

This taxi company wasn’t appearing in the local city searches, and this reduced traffic hit the business’ revenue hard.  

The client stated what they expected and wanted us to achieve. They wanted our SEO experts to help make their taxi company appear in local searches for relevant keywords.  


The Challenge

The Michigan SEO team swung into action after discussing with the client. Firstly, we conducted a comprehensive analysis to understand the scope of the task and what steps we had to take. After brainstorming with the team members and relating with the client, we devised a comprehensive local SEO plan to end the challenges our client’s taxi business was facing. 

Keyword research was a significant part of this project. Using advanced keyword research tools, we were able to identify relevant keywords. 

The writers strategically used the keywords in the content and ensured the content was top-notch. We deploy writers who are specialists and have vast experience in the targeted niche, as we aspire to project clients as authorities in their industry.  

Here’s the step we took:  

  • On-site edits. Our team restructured the website’s navigation to make it mobile-friendly. 
  • The client wanted the business to appear on local searches, so our content creators had to devise an effective strategy. The plan was to write and publish more location-based content and guides to boost ranking. 
  • Airport location content and guides were also created and uploaded. 
  • Finally, we made sure the name, address, and other contact details of the taxi company published online were accurate. 

Comparison of Result

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The Result

The outcome of this project gladdened our hearts and made the client a good friend to The Michigan SEO. They were very happy and satisfied with the development surrounding the project.  

After three weeks, the client’s business appeared within the local pack for all the significant queries within the city. Traffic and ranking improved massively, exceeding the client’s expectations.  

1.00% CTR
22% Less CPA
303% ROI

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